Welcome to the virtual incarnation of my workshop where you can find out about the different aspects of my work - without disturbing me. My website http://www.basscare.se/ is being kept as simple as possible. Here is where you'll find the stuff I chat to my customers about, or stuff that I would chat to my customers about if there was more time and I was more chatty. Feel free to browse around and if you'd like to get updates in your facebook newsfeed click on 'like' at my facebook page: Elinore Morris - instrument maker www.facebook.com/Basscare. The colours of this blog attempt to match the colours of the inside of the workshop, which has been renovated with historically accurate linseed oil based paint, and you can see a snippet of the newly sanded wooden floor.


Nääs Slöjdlarare Seminarium has a long history. A century ago the swedish method of teaching craft (slöjd) was well known around the world and people would come from all over the world to the summer courses held here. The courses were run by Otto Saloman who was the nephew of the castle's owner, August Abrahamson and he developed a special approach to teaching which emphasised keeping the body supple and maintaining a good posture while working.

The room where I have my workshop is called "Snälle Salen" and was at one time used for baking during the courses. It has also been used by the school Nääs Handverk och Design which has now moved to Nääs Fabriker and the Swedish guitar maker Michael Sandin.

The building is quite busy: Vuxenskolan and Slöjdkonsulentarna run short courses in different aspect of craft, in the old tradition. The regional branch of Slöjd consultants have their offices upstairs, and a glass artist and a composer work at the other end of the building. Lerums Vård och Omsorg also have ongoing activities inside and out. The room opposite Långa Salen has a dozen workbenches and wood working machines and is available for different purposes. The past couple of years we have held a violinmaker's weekend there.

There is plenty of accomodation nearby and a restaurant up at the castle. By the bridge is a cafe and art gallery. One can fish and mess around in boats on the lake and there is a little swimming beach quite near the workshop.