Welcome to the virtual incarnation of my workshop where you can find out about the different aspects of my work - without disturbing me. My website http://www.basscare.se/ is being kept as simple as possible. Here is where you'll find the stuff I chat to my customers about, or stuff that I would chat to my customers about if there was more time and I was more chatty. Feel free to browse around and if you'd like to get updates in your facebook newsfeed click on 'like' at my facebook page: Elinore Morris - instrument maker www.facebook.com/Basscare. The colours of this blog attempt to match the colours of the inside of the workshop, which has been renovated with historically accurate linseed oil based paint, and you can see a snippet of the newly sanded wooden floor.


Nääs Slöjdseminariet
Otto Salomansväg 16
448 92 Floda

Telephone: +46 (0) 302 36693
Mobile: +46 (0) 702 791686

website: http://www.basscare.se/
email: elinore.morris@gmail.com

Workshop hours: by appointment.

A phone call before you come is always good idea so you know that I'm not busy with tricky gluing projects, meetings, bookkeeping or kids.

Directions: The workshop lies in the grounds of Nääs Slott about 30km from Gothenburg. Take the E20 towards Alingsås, turn off at the intersection Lilla Nääs and drive towards the castle. If you find yourself at Nääs Fabriker in Tollered then you've gone too far. Drive along the avenue and just before the bridge take the road up to the left and drive as far as it goes. If you have an appointment you can ignore the 'no entry beyond this point' sign. Nääs Slöjdseminarium is the only building on the left. Drive up to the door if you have a bass to unload or collect a parking disk from me for the car park opposite.

If you're using public transport, take the Alingsås pendeln (train) to Floda. Change to bus number 533 to Ingered via Tollered. Get out at Lilla Nääs and it's about 10 minutes walk from there to the workshop: under the main road, along the avenue of trees towards the castle and up to the left before the bridge. There's also a pleasant walk along the lake and through the forest between Nääs and Floda.